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Marketing strategies consist of a set of tools or a sum of parts, which must each have their own unique objectives, and work together to form the bigger picture.

It may not be your company’s standard procedure to develop an annual marketing plan. But a marketing plan allows your business to assess external and internal opportunities that can allow business growth. We help you understand where your business is at present and how to align marketing with your corporate aims.

Selecting Excentra for on-going marketing support allows us to share with you, our strong background in both theory and practice of marketing management and support your business growth. We can align the individual parts of your communication plan and deliver it with knowledge of what has preceded and what is yet to come.

Excentra work in partnership with clients to complete a marketing audit which can highlight issues that directors and managers may not have noticed. We then recommend what you need to do to reach your business milestones.

You can choose the type of marketing support you require over on our Communication Plan and Marketing Support pages.


Case Studies with Marketing Support

horizon platforms case study

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