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About Excentra

Excentra is your B2B marketing partner. We’ve established a brand evolution process based on in-depth research so that your business can grow holistically. We’re not a traditional marketing agency – we don’t work on a single brief or project and then bid you farewell.

We much prefer to work in a long-term partnership with you, to solve your marketing challenges. We make informed recommendations on how you can gain market share and deliver a return on your marketing investment.

Put simply, Excentra work with you at a business level rather than just marketing your service or product – We help you create a strategic plan and then make it our business to raise the profile of your products, organisation or services.

We don’t stop there though. The team at Excentra aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty. Our unique mix of sales and marketing skills provide the expertise which will be required to drive delivery of a successful project. We add value to your business by immersing ourselves into your company, taking the time to get to know the whole team before creating a bespoke marketing package that empowers your company and your people.



To help every business realise its full potential.


Our number one priority and commitment is to offer, at all times, a world class service which enables our customers to increase their business and reach their business growth targets.


  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Passion
  • Quality
  • People
  • Inspiration
  • Productive
  • Results Driven


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